season one

"Stranger in a Strange Land"
(original airdate: March 9, 2011)
Journeying to a remote island off the coast of Maine, Vicki Burke reunites with her brother, who has secret plans of his own that very night. WATCH NOW

"11 O'Clock Tick Tock"
(original airdate: March 16, 2011)
Vicki explores the island and has a strange encounter with a local. Meanwhile, her brother and his friends calm their nerves at The Glass Jaw. WATCH NOW

"Shadows and Tall Trees"
(original airdate: March 23, 2011)
Vicki starts her new job at The Ragged Isle Star, where she meets the editor, Vance Trundle. Paul, Eric, Mac, and Bill meet to get their stories straight. WATCH NOW

"No Line on the Horizon"
(original airdate: March 30, 2011)
A driven young lawman arrives on Ragged Isle. Vicki stumbles upon a secret meeting in the woods. Things get heated at the town meeting. WATCH NOW

"I Will Follow"
(original airdate: April 6, 2011)
Ragged Isle residents pay their respects to the two recent victims, and Sheriff Dalton and Deputy Dan make their way to yet another crime scene. WATCH NOW

(original airdate: April 8, 2011)
In this "between episodes" music video, the Sheriff and Deputy Dan take time out of the investigation to ponder many things -- with music by Robber & Thief. WATCH NOW

"Running to Stand Still"
(original airdate: April 13, 2011)
Sheriff Dalton and Deputy Dan intensify their investigation into the mysterious island deaths. Meanwhile, Paul and Vicki continue an investigation of their own. WATCH NOW

"The Unforgettable Fire"
(original airdate: April 20, 2011)
Rachel shares the tragic story of the woman in the photograph on the wall of The Glass Jaw. Deputy Dan turns up a reluctant witness. WATCH NOW

"One Step Closer"
(original airdate: April 27, 2011)
Madame Clelia has an urgent message for Sheriff Dalton. Paul and Vicki look for clues. Rose and Julie have an unexpected encounter. WATCH NOW

"Last Night on Earth"
(original airdate: May 4, 2011)
You never know what will happen at the Ragged Isle Talent Show, except that the winner will be crowned "Lobster of Ceremonies" at the lobster fest. WATCH NOW

"Love Comes Tumbling"
(original airdate: May 11, 2011)
The islanders come out for the annual Ragged Isle lobster festival, which promises a fun time for all. But will the celebration go off without a hitch? WATCH NOW

season two

"A Sort of Homecoming"
(original airdate: May 29, 2012)
Outside investigators arrive on Ragged Isle to find residents beset by fear and mistrust. Meanwhile, certain islanders are conducting investigations of their own. WATCH NOW

"I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"
(original airdate: June 12, 2012)
Madame Clelia has a gift for Dr. Hoffman. Agent Thorne has some questions for Julie. Gus has an insight for Sheriff Dalton. WATCH NOW

"Drowning Man"
(original airdate: June 26, 2012)
Louis struggles with new responsibilities. Julie debriefs with Rose. Sheriff Dalton and Agent Thorne butt heads. Vance faces questions. WATCH NOW

"Sometimes You Can't Make It on Your Own"
(original airdate: July 10, 2012)
Vicki and Paul take others into their confidence. Agent Thorne gets to know Deputy Dan. Dr. Monroe checks up on Gertie. WATCH NOW

"Moment of Surrender"
(original airdate: July 24, 2012)
Gertie receives an urgent visit from old friends. Agent Thorne confronts a subordinate. Dr. Hoffman and Sheriff Dalton hit the books. WATCH NOW

"Where Did it All Go Wrong"
(original airdate: August 14, 2012)
Trying to get to the bottom of everything that's been happening on the island, Paul escorts someone back to where it all began. WATCH NOW

season three

"Speed of Life"
(original airdate: October 31, 2013)
After the horrific events of the previous evening, those left alive struggle to cope as they zero in on an ever-shortening list of suspects. WATCH NOW

(original airdate: November 15, 2013)
Paul finds himself in dangerous circumstances. Sheriff Dalton and Dr. Hoffman make a gruesome discovery. A grief-stricken Vicki has some advice for Julie. WATCH NOW

(original airdate: December 31, 2013)
A secret that has been kept on the island for the past four decades finally comes to the surface as the answers to mysteries old and new are revealed. WATCH NOW

"Original of the Species"
(original airdate: September 8, 2014)
Dr. Hoffman absorbs shocking news and confronts someone he holds responsible for many of the island's tragedies. Julie makes a disturbing discovery. WATCH NOW

"Are You Gonna Wait Forever?"
(original airdate: September 18, 2014)
Dr. Hoffman shares his newly discovered information and Sheriff Dalton heads for the last place left to look. Julie confronts Rose about her discovery. WATCH NOW

(original airdate: October 31, 2014)
It's the final showdown on Ragged Isle, as new alliances are drawn and the battle between good and evil comes to a bloody close. WATCH NOW